View Invoices, Approve Quotes, and Manage Your Finaces And More

Car Dealer Chatbots

Chatbots.Systems utilizes an automated Billing System. This system ensures all services are billed on a monthly basis and notifies clients of the status of their payments. Chatbots.Systems will send a reminder and place an invoice in your account 7 days before your payment is due. Your service is billed monthly on the start date of your initial service. All services have a 7 day payment grace period before the service is suspended and a 14 day payment grace period before the service is terminated.

If you are having issues making your payment, please contact us ASAP to avoid service interruptions and possible cancellation.

The images with descriptions below will show you where your invoices, quotes, and finances are located at within the Client Area.

Step 1 - Invoices Due will always be shown when you sign in to the Client Area

Step 1

Step 2 - You may view all of your Invoices by clicking the “My Invoices” link under the Billing tab

Step 2

Step 3 - Click on the invoice you would like to view - You may also search by Invoice Status

Step 3

Step 4 - Quotes may be viewed and downloaded by clicking the “My Quotes” link under the Billing tab

Step 4

Step 5 - If you have multiple invoices, click the “Mass Payment” link under the Billing tab

Step 5

Step 6 - You may manage your credit cards by clicking the “Manage Credit Card” link under the Billing Tab

Step 6

Step 7 - Click the “Add Funds” link under the Billing tab to add a credit card to your account

Step 7

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Date Modified: September 1, 2019