Managing Your Vehicle Inventory For Your Car Dealer Chatbot

Car Dealer Chatbots

Most dealerships have their vehicle inventory hosted with their DMS or data providers such as Homenet. The DMS and data providers will gladly export your inventory on an hourly basis directly to us via api or thgough file transfer protocol. Chances are we are already working with your Dealership Management Group and we will automatically sync your current inventory on a hourly or daily basis, free of charge. If your data provider is not a provider we already work with, we will gladly establish an account with them, so they can export your vehicle inventory to us. All of our clients have inventory exported to us automatically through their DMS or data provider.

If you do not have a website and simply use Facebook to showcase your vehicle inventory, you will enjoy deep-linking straight to the vehicle so you can expedite "Test Drives" and lead engagement.

NOTE: Do you need a Make or Model added to the Control Panel or an adjustment to your Custom Inventory Form? Click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the website and we will be more than happy to customize your every need.

Your Car Dealership Chatbot comes pre-configured with a red 2017 Audo A4.
Do not remove this vehicle for 24 hours or until your Chatbot has been approved by Facebook.

Step 1 - On the left, click the "Inventory" tab then click the green "Add New" button to start adding your inventory.

Step 1

Step 2 - Click the appropriate button to add your vehicle to the inventory

Step 2

Step 3 - Add the VIN number and click the "DECODE" button to quickly add the vehicle's known options

Step 3

Step 4 - Click the "Down / Up Arrows" to open / close each section as you enter the vehicle's information. Press the green "Save" button at the bottom of the page

Step 4

Step 5 - Click the "Show More" to see preview your saved vehicle as these values will show on your Facebook Chatbot

Step 5

Step 6 - Click the blue "Printer" button to preview the vehicle's information

Step 6

Step 7 - Click the blue "Print" button to print the vehicle with room for Staff Notes at the bottom of the page

Step 7

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Date Modified: September 1, 2019