Favorited Vehicles and Test Drive Routines Begin Your Sales Funnel

Car Dealer Chatbots

Price Change? Vehicle Sold? Your Prospects Are Automatically Informed

We soft funnel users into our credit application by narrowing their field of interest and helping them find the vehicle that is right for them. If a user indicates they are interested in financing or leasing options, they are walked through the process of filling out an application.

During any of the vehicle search functions where a customer expresses interest in a vehicle, information is gathered that can be used in a credit application. This information includes their name, employment status and how much they'd be able to pay monthly for a new vehicle.

With Car Dealer Chatbot, you to connect your dealer account with credit pulling companies such as 700 credit. This gives you the ability to receive a soft credit report on any user who is applying for financing through the Chatbot.

Favorited Vehicles Are Stored Under Each User's Profile

Test Drives

Test Drive Leads Can Be Scheduled - Staff Members Can Create / Edit Notes - Leads Can Be Printed And Archieved

Test Drives

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