Excellent Lead Generation Through Find and Sell My Car Routines

Car Dealer Chatbots

Automatically Engage Local Prospects Through Find And Sell Routines

The Car Dealer Chatbot allows you to place clients in new vehicles through the "Find My Car" function. If the Facebook user wants a vehicle that isn't currently in your inventory they can request your assistance in helping them find the vehicle they are looking for.

They input the vehicle information such as model, make and color as well as the price range they are willing to accept. Your sales team will then work the lead and assist them in helping them find a vehicle.

Important information about their vehicle such as model, make and year. Chatbot will also ask for details on the cars condition, mileage and any other important information. The user can input the price they are willing to accept, as well as upload up to six images of their vehicle.

These Chatbot features help keep the customer engaged with your Chatbot by offering them access to human assistance in addition to these automated features.

Automatically Engage Local Prospects Through Find And Sell Functions

Lead Generation 1

Each Lead Can Be Edited - Staff Members Can Create / Edit Notes - Leads Can Be Printed And Archieved

Lead Generation 2

All Leads Are Saved Within The FB User's Profile - Text Leads and be linked to any FB account

Lead Generation 3

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