Automatic Hourly Inventory Syncs To Your Car Dealer Chatbot

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Your Vehicle Inventory Is Synced And Maintained Automatically

Your chat bot makes it easy for you to manage and maintain your vehicle inventory. After uploading your inventory to your Dealer Management System (ex: or, your inventory will be automatically imported to your control panel.

The inventory system updates once an hour, or more if your vehicle management site allows it, making it easy for you to keep up with your inventory. In fact, the inventory upkeep is so low that you may never touch your inventory settings after the initial setup.

If a customer schedules and test drive, favorites a car, or if a car is sold you will receive a notification. Vehicles that are marked as sold will be removed from your active inventory, but still be viewable in an archived inventory section. It will remain there for up to six months.

Facebook users will also receive notifications for price reductions or sold vehicles, but will only receive the notification during business hours.

The inventory also features key notifications for customers that will keep them engaged. If a favorited or scheduled vehicle is sold, the customer will receive a notification that the vehicle had been sold. This information stays in the system so that the next time a similar vehicle enters your inventory, the customer will receive a notification indicating that the vehicle they are looking for is available again.

Your Vehicle Inventory Is Synced And Mantained Automatically

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Date Modified: September 1, 2019