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Access Your Car Dealer Chatbot Messenger Code From The Control Panel

Facebook is slowly rolling out a new feature called Messenger Codes. Messenger codes are similar to Snapchat snapcodes that features a imaged link of your Facebook Profile. When someone scans the image with the camera on their phone it will add the person or business as a contact on your messenger. They can be printed onto flyers, ads or any place where you want people to try out your Chatbot.

Chatbot makes it easy to create and host your Messenger Codes. You can access the Messenger code settings inside your Chatbot Control Panel. You have the option of selecting two sizes for your Messenger Code, which is automatically generated for you through the ChatBot.

Once your code has been created and setup, be sure to check your work by scanning your website's Messenger Code. Widths below 300 pixels aren't guaranteed to work, so be aware of that when modifying the size of your code.

Add the Messenger Code to your vehicle window sticker!

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Date Modified: September 1, 2019