New Lead Capture Routines - Credit Applications and Sell My Car

Car Dealer Chatbots

New tools for the Car Dealer Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Car shoppers are also car sellers. The “Sell My Car” tool allows your customer to supply their vehicle details, asking price, and even upload images from anywhere in the world. Once the information is uploaded, your Staff Members are alerted and can negotiate a deal. Private parties who advertise their used cars, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and even planes, by advertising on classified and social media sites are more likely to sell their vehicles to a dealer when given the opportunity.

Find My Car

Car shoppers know what they want! The “Find My Car” tool engages your customers to self-identify their preferred vehicles of interest instead of shopping elsewhere. When the request is submitted, your Staff Members are alerted and can continue the conversation. Build and move more inventory by stocking what is in demand in your region.

Credit Application

Car shoppers need financing. The “Credit Application” tool engages your customers to provide important information your dealership needs for the pre-qualification process. Our soft-pull will not ask for social security numbers. Credit applications are securely stored and only Staff Members with elevated permissions can manage them.

Seamless Integration

Tools offered by the Car Dealer Chatbot are seamlessly made available to your clients as they view your inventory. Every click, items read, and all information collected is available to Staff Members on any device by logging into the Chatbots.Systems Control Panel. Staff Members can then join and continue the conversation started by the Car Dealer Chatbot. It’s that simple!

Need something added to your Car Chatbot? No worries mate! Our JS.Node developers are eager to keep adding features that will automate any process to complete your automatic Facebook messenger and sales funnel service.

Publisher: Chatbots Systems
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Date Modified: September 1, 2019