The Car Dealer Chatbot Automatically Answers Your Facebook Messages

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Complete Your Facebook Sales Funnel With The Car Chatbot

Have you ever wondered what really makes your Car Business successful? You may think, "the market", "our internet team", or even, "our sales team". But for most businesses, the answer is simple: "your customers" along with the communication you have as well as the missed communications are a big part of the equation.

Missed communications are all about confidence. Whether you’re a well established New Car Dealership or a Wheelchair Van Dealer, your customers want to believe that you have your business under control. Failing to answer their attempts to communicate with you frustrates them, leaves their issues unresolved, and convinces them that you just don’t have a solution for them.

There are only a few things that happen when your business misses a Facebook message and no communication is exchanged:

  • The customer may attempt to return at another time and try again
  • The customer will wait, wait and wait some more until he loses interest and moves on

When a customer moves on and another Car Dealer works with them to place them in a vehicle, you lost that sales opportunity forever.

There are plenty of reasons why your business might miss that first attempt of communication:

  • You have insufficient staff to answer your Facebook messages
  • You have enough staff, but they are busy focusing on other customer service tasks like answering emails
  • Your business chooses not to prioritize Facebook Messenger based customer service
  • A Customer Messages you after business hours

Never miss an opportunity to communicate with a potential customer via Facebook again. Attach the Car Chatbot to your Car Dealer Facebook page today!

Here are some of the great features of Facebook Messenger Car Chatbot by Chatbots.Systems:

  • Automatically answer every Facebook message, around the clock, 365 days a year
  • Manage messages, attachments and voice recordings
  • Upload and Showcase your complete inventory with key properties for each vehicle
  • Dealer Management Clients enjoy Automated inventory uploads and syncs
  • Manage and Schedule Test Drive Requests
  • Fulfill Vehicle Requests
  • Chatbot Available in any language
  • Control Panel available in any language
  • Every Currency Exchange available
  • Supports up to 50 Staff Members

Need something added to your Car Chatbot? No worries mate! Our developers are eager to keep adding features that will automate any process to complete your automatic Facebook messenger and sales funnel service.

Publisher: Chatbots Systems
Date Published:
Date Modified: March 26, 2017