The Car Dealer Chatbot For Facebook Messenger Has Arrived

Car Dealer Chatbots

Add the Car Dealer Chatbot To Your Sales Team

Car dealerships and salespeople worldwide are excited to get the Facebook Messenger Car Dealer Chatbot: a patent-pending and trademark-pending communications and marketing solution by Chatbots, Inc. Automotive re-sellers can showcase inventory and engage their customers by using the Chatbots, Inc., Car Dealer Chatbot. The Car Dealer Chatbot is easy to use and already installed on the devices used by 72% of adults who access the internet. With the push of a button, car shoppers send your brand a direct message starting a single-thread lifetime history of communications. Car shoppers are instantly guided through a friction-less sales funnel showcasing your inventory and identifying important information needed to complete the sales cycle. The next step is closing the deal - it’s that simple!

Available immediately, the Car Dealer Chatbot offers your brand instant real-time sales conversations 24/7 and 365 days per year. The Chatbot never sleeps, takes a day off, needs health insurance, or takes a potty break. The Car Dealer Chatbot becomes smarter with each interaction, answering questions typically asked of your dealer support staff. Benefactors of this technology include sales professionals, car dealership principals, business development and call centers, internet managers, and others in the automotive reselling community. 

The Car Dealer Chatbot removes barriers by immediately providing contact information for each car shopper and a way for your brand to communicate with them. Dealers monitor and respond to requests by accessing an administrative control panel. The control panel allows for the uploading of inventory or importing inventory directly from your current dealer and/or content management system via API or FTP. 

Real-time live demonstrations and purchase information can be found online at

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Date Modified: September 1, 2019