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Watermark All Information Images With Your Brand and Domain Name and stay one step ahead of your competition by branding your Chatbot. The Chatbot comes default with our branding and messaging where the Chatbot originates. This code appears as a message at the bottom of all generated information cards within Facebook Chatbot. This is an excellent feature for us, but might not fit into how you want your Chatbot to operate. For situations like these, we recommend using Chatbot White Labels.

Chatbot's White Label feature allows you to Instantly brand your Chatbot. It also allows you to remove our generated code from the bottom of your Chatbot information cards and input your own message.

With no coding necessary, you can create a fully custom Chatbot with no markings or indications other than what you have provided. This keeps competitors from knowing your system and allows you better control over your brand message. In addition to easy to implement, it also gives you the opportunity to push your brand message further by giving you more space to place key messages to your customers.

Car Dealer CRMs Have Our Web Admin On Their Domain Name

Watermark All Information Images With Your Brand - Change Website Logo - Webpanel on your Domain

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