The Car Dealer Chatbot Alerts Your Staff via SMS Text Alerts

Car Dealer Chatbots

Programmable SMS Text Alert System For Your Car Dealer Chatbot

Chatbot Systems has a robust and customizable staff notification system that makes it easy to manage your Chatbot. The notification system can send notifications to up to 50 staff members simultaneously, allowing you to stay on top of your Facebook sales leads.

These notifications are instant too, so you can learn more about your customers and increase customer engagement at the same time.

These text notifications allow you to stay on top of your Facebook sales Leads by instantly notifying up to 50 staff members simultaneously.

Chatbot also allows you to customize who receives notifications and which notifications are apart of the notification system. Staff Members and account holders alike can receive text messages for the following alerts:

  • Human Request Alerts
  • Test Drive Alerts
  • Sell My Car Alerts
  • Find My Car Alerts
  • Service Vehicle Alerts
  • Credit Application Alerts
  • Message To Read Alerts

Additionally, you can customize the alert message for each individual alert. Alerts go to phone numbers listed on the staff profile page.

Customize SMS Alerts that are sent to you and your staff

Publisher: Chatbots Systems
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Date Modified: September 1, 2019