Staff Members Enjoy SMS Messaging and 2-Way Conversations

Car Dealer Chatbots

Manage Text and Voice Messages Or Communicate In Real Time

Chatbot allows Facebook users to use the Facebook messaging app to send and receive communication between your inventory system, staff members and service teams. Chatbot does this in an automated fashion through the messaging app.

All conversation the Chatbot has with users are kept in the conversations page of the control panel. Here, staff members can easily search through the lifetime history of user interaction with the chatbot. The conversation page updates in real time with new conversations. A staff member may take over the role of a Chatbot at anytime and Chatbot will temporarily disable itself on that conversation. Once the staff member leaves, the Chatbot will automatically return to responding to user conversation.

Users can also leave messages via Chatbot as either voice or text. These messages indicate no urgency to answer as they can be read and responded to at anytime through the control panel.

All Chatbot messages, whether part of conversations or voice communication are deleted. They can only be archived in the system and retrieved at a later date if necessary.

Staff Members Can Communicate With Prospective Clients Without Being Facebook Page Admin


Publisher: Chatbots Systems
Date Published:
Date Modified: September 1, 2019